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A Summer Vacation   |   Lost Leaves  |  A Marriage Proposal  |  The World Famous Nose  |  The Just
The Lunar  |  In Black and White  |  Equations  |  Death, Be Not Proud  |  The City of Sand  |  The Rhythm of Healing

The small screen represents many things to many people. It is a hybrid of cultural tastes and mores; a successful amalgamation of various other art forms and information sources adding up to an entertaining medium in its own right.

Within are the outlines of stories that come to life on the small screen. Engaging tales for a sparkling little medium, that span a range of genres – from comedy to obsession to unrequited love, Shyamaprasad’s camera has seen it all. Made during a fruitful association with Trivandrum Doordarshan, they represent the finest of true-to-life depictions. We hope the stories herein draw you onto a viewing of the movies described. The discerning viewer would find the threads that run through Shyam’s work from its earliest beginnings to the present day. It’s all there - the devotion to story telling, the attention to detail, and the narrative of the common man. And as one medium gives way to another, the artist remains constantly nimble, agile to the demands of a new medium.