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Revolutionaries all! For the fearless men and women who are united in a cause to overthrow the establishment, there's no room for dissent,
no going back.

And when their hatchet man falters at the point of assault, it calls for a grave re-examination - of their devotion, their relationships, their courage even. For the crusaders it's an adventure story gone dangerously awry.

On the inside

"Uyirthezhunnelpu was a turning point in my career; marking a departure from my earlier works. I'd earlier done a play on the same work way back in '92. We shot it at Cochin wharf; though the idea was to set it in an unidentifiable time and place - kind of lending universality to the theme. And yes, it was Ajit (Basu) all the way whose energy, enthusiasm really drove the project. The entire thing was wrapped up in 9 days flat"