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ORE KADAL – A synopsis

In Ore Kadal (The Sea Within), Shyamaprasad's third film, he continues to explore the intricacies of human relationships, once again employing an evocative style and imagery that transcend realism, whose delicate nuances and minimalism have been likened to chamber music. While Agnisakshi (1998) deals with the strained marital relationship of a Brahmin couple against the charged background of social reform and the Independence struggle, Akale (2004) depicts an Anglo-Indian family whose members keep failing to understand or communicate with one another.

Ore Kadal is the sensitive study of Deepti, a middle class housewife, who is irresistibly drawn to a radical intellectual, Nathan. As the affair grows in passion and intensity, Deepti's mounting sense of guilt pushes her towards mental instability. Her husband and children are caught unawares in her emotional conflict and her return to sanity only adds to her inner torment. Destiny had brought them together, searing passion would tear them apart.

Based on a classical Bengali novel, Ore Kadal is set in an India that is moving rapidly towards globalization – a background where socio-cultural changes are overturning age-old value systems of the middle class so swiftly that the dividing lines between right and wrong, loyalty and betrayal, honesty and deceit, grow increasingly blurred, trapping the two protagonists in a limbo of self-torture they must live with.

Outstanding performances by two of Kerala's ace actors, Mammootty and Meera Jasmine, and Ouseppachan's evocative musical score contribute richly to the power of this poignant film. Ore Kadal was shot mostly in Chennai in the month of March 2007.

Expected time of release : 3rd week of August

Credits :

Mammooty, Meera Jasmine, Narain, Remya Krishnan
Cinematography Azhagappan
Editing Vinod Sukumaran
Music Ouseppachan
Editing Sreekar Prasad
Lyrics Girish Puthenchery
Costumes Cuckoo Parameswaran

Produced by Vindhyan for Rasika Entertainments
Released by Emil & Eric Digital


FIPRESCI Award for Best Malayalam Film 2007
NETPAC Award for Best Malayalam film 2007)
Kerala State Film Critics award for Best Feature Film
Kerala State Film Critics award for Best Direction
Kerala State Film Critics award for Best Cinematography
Kerala State Film Critics award for Best sound Recordist
Best Actress Meera Jasmine – Kerala State Award
Best Editor – Vinod Sukumaran –Kerala State Awards
Best Background Score – Ouseppachan – Kerala State Awards
Second Best feature Film – Kerala State Award
Best Director – Shyamaprasad Amrita TV Awards -2007
Best Actor – Mammootty - Amrita TV Awards -2007
Best Actress – Meera Jasmine Amrita TV Awards -2007
Best Supporting Actress – Remya Krishnan Amrita TV Awards -2007
Best Music – Ouseppachan - Amrita TV Awards -2007
Best female singer –Sweta Mohan Amrita TV Awards -2007
Best Movie AMMA annual Movie award 2007
Best Actor Mammooty : AMMA Annual movie award 2007
Best Actress--meerajasmin AMMA Annual movie award 2007
Best Supporting actress--Remya krishnan AMMA Annual movie award 2007
Best Camera man--Azagappan AMMA Annual movie award 2007
Best Music director--Ousepachan AMMA Annual movie award 2007
John Abraham Award for Best Feature Film - 2007
Best Actor award to Mammootty (Ujala-Asinanet award 2008)
Best Actress award to Meerajasmin(Ujala-Asianet award 2008)
Kerala State Film Critics award for Swetha Mohan
Vanitha film award...Best actor Mammootty
Vanitha film award..Best actress Meera Jasmine
Fokana film award,,Best actor Mammootty
Fokana film award..Best actress Meera Jasmine
SIFY Malayalam viewers award for Best Film 2007

Film Festivals

Opening film – IFFI Indian panorama -2007
Asiatic –Rome- 2008
Fribourg International Film Frestival- Switzerland 2008
Indian Film Festival Los Angles -2008
International Film Festival of Minneapolis -2008
Cine Del Sur – Granada, Spain -2008
Stuttgart Festival of Bollywood and Beyond (July-2008)
Festival of Malayalam Films – Vollodoid, Spain (June -2008)
International Film Festival of Kerala- 2007
Hyderabad InternationalFilm Fest
Pune International Film Festival
MAMI festival –Mumbai
Habitat Film Fest –New Delhi
Asian Film Festival -Abudhabi



BOKSHU - The Myth

The mystery of the missing Metcalf. An adventurous daughter in search of her dead father. Stranded in a strange land, stalked by the Bloodthirsty Bokshu. A stone temple priest bathing naked with the goddess of desire. The eternal war between lust and loyalty. Bodies falling like dry leaves in autumn, with no sign of the brutal killer. Animal genius but do animals lurk under human skin? A journey through Jaled in search of the truth.

Is it the truth or is it an illusion? Is there a thin line between fact and fiction? Is myth of any consequence? How far will the daughter go to save her father? Is there an end or is it the beginning?

All the ingredients for a psychological suspense thriller, developed by Shyama Prasad, Richard Stanley and Sashi Warrier from the original novel by Ganga Prasad Vimal.

Executive Producer Dr. M P S Prasad and Director Shyama Prasad with the extremely talented international cast and crew have rendered this myth of the Bokshu into a blockbuster movie. From the 500-year-old ruins of Hampi, to the snow peaks of the Himalayas, to the crystal waterfalls of Shivanasamudra and monumental stone temples across the Indian subcontinent, this film is rich in visual content with a plot that grips you throughout.

Stephen Berkoff,David Millbern, Heather Prete, Irfan Khan
Nandana Sen, Harish Patel, Vineeth,Mita Vasisht Ashok Mandanna

Based on the celebrated Hindi novel by Ganga Prasad Vimal
Richard Stanley, Sashi Warrier, Shyamaprasad
Director of Photography Torben Forsberg
Production Designer Thota Tarani
Sound Nakul Kamte
Editing Sreekar Prasad
Director Shyamaprasad




AKALE - At A Distance
is inspired by the American classic play by Tennessee Williams- The Glass Menagerie.

Akale is set in the seventies in a shabby seaside house occupied by Margaret Evans and her two adult children: shy, fragile Rosa, and Neil, a restless, poetic soul trapped in a stifling factory job. Niel’s dilemma forms a central conflict of the film, as he faces an agonizing choice between responsibility for his family and living his own life.

Neil Evans narrates this, revisiting a time when his family longs to escape their meager existence by creating idealized fantasy worlds. A dream-like, illusory atmosphere help to create a powerful representation of family, memory, and loss.

Elegant juxtaposition of the humorous and the tragic, lonely characters, and dark sensibilities explores ways of using the medium of cinema to depict the interior life and memories of a character.

Pritviraj , Sheela, Geetu Mohandas, Tom George,
Sreelekha Mitra

Director of Photography S. Kumar
Art Director Raja Unnithan
Costumes Cukku Parameswaran
Make up Joe Koratty
Music M. Jayachandran
Sound Harikumar
Editing Vinod Sukumaran
Produced by Tom George
Distributed by Kolath Films

Akale Music Video

Watch out for the videos of the Akale-OST directed by
Balak of Squareminds.

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(Touched) (Awaiting national telecast)

Set against the background of superstition and sorcery, many socio-religious factors of the Moslem life in the Malabar village (Kerala, South India) where little Kuttimon lives, operate as the members of Kuttimon’s family work out their destinies.

With his acute and sensitive perception of people, events and the natural world, Kuttimon understands the significance of the happenings around him only partially. But being a child who has been nurtured on the tales of spirits and snakes and their power over human beings, Kuttimon cannot escape being lured by them.

Abhilash, Jamin Mayin, Rajesh Hebbar, Tom George, Sainudeen
Padmanabhan Thampi, Yusaf Haji, Sudha Suresh, Santhini Kalidas

Written & Directed by Shyamaprasad
Story by N.P.Mohammed
Director of Photography Shamdut
Editing Vinod Sukumaran
Sound Design C.R.Chandran
Art Director Rajagopal
Produced by
Enlight –Shyamaprasad Productions for Doordarshan - 2003