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How does one truly define a great movie?
Different individuals tend to like different aspects of a movie in a different way, however, one thing is always constant with pretty much everyone when encountering greatness -that endless linger of what was experienced and never-ending, lasting images in your head, that light-headed feeling when leaving the theater being totally speechless, that feeling of must see again, and finally watching it again and again…and again…

I believe Cinema viewing is both a passive & an active process. Paraphrasing Bertolucci, when people watch a film, they come together in a darkened room & have a collective dream. Even though the stimulus is the same, we all bring our own perceptions, beliefs & history to the images that are shown on the screen - every one of us experiences the same film in a different way

I have always shunned 'lists'. I believe these lists represent certain simplification of values and closed-ness on the part of the selector.
So, here given is not my list, but a bunch of movies- International, Indian and regional, which have moved me as a Cinematic experience, and has inspired me in many ways to create most of my works in the TV and movies.

My Favorites
Il Postino Remains of the Day
Cinema Paradiso English Patient
God father Pulp Fiction
Three Colours Shadowlands
Life is Beautiful Full Monty
Nostalghia Salaam Bombay
Aparajito Psycho
Meghe Taka Tara The Matrix
Throne of blood Seven
Romeo + Juliet The Blair Witch Project
Jules et Jim Taxi Driver
Annie Hall Once were Warriors
8 ½ Sunset Boulevard
Ashes and Diamonds Great Dictator
Silence Amadeus
Bhumika Kodiyettom
Last Tango in Paris Peruvazhiyambalam
Colours of Paradise