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20. Suprabhatam
Asianet TV   12/04/2003

Could you tell us something of your latest film Bokshu?

Bokshu is the story woven around a mountain people residing in the valleys; a belief they share and of an American anthropologist who involves himself in this setting. Well I'm not revealing any further; it's fitting that the outcome remains mysterious.

Okay, okay.

It was great. We have as anthropologist British actor Steven Berkoff, a prominent actor in Hollywood. He has earned a name in Britain as a Shakespearean actor. He has also played villain in several American films like Beverly Hills Cop, and Rambo. Chicago stage actress Heather Gretel who works with the Steppenwolf theatre; and Los Angeles based actor David Milburn play the lead roles. Most other actors are Indian.

Among Indian actors, who are the prominent ones?

Among Indian actors, there is prominently Irfan Khan who was in the news recently for his role in the British film The Warrior.

Oh Yes, yes.

The there is Nandana Sen, daughter of Amartya Sen; Harish Patel, Mita Vasisht, and so on; a whole line-up of names.

Any Malayali actors?

Among Malayali actors, we have Vineet who has a role here. The film was shot mostly in Hampi; in Karnataka. The story is set in a mythical, legendary ruined city and Hampi was the right choice for us. We shot extensively in Himalayas too, parts of Kedarnath. The film begins in Los Angeles; after two weeks of shooting there, post production is in the final stages now.

So post production is through...

Quite; in a week's time I'll have a print of it. It is very exciting, technically we have the best expertise that India has to offer, the best systems. In a marked departure from conventional Indian films, sound recording here is live. This lends a strength, makes the film a pleasure to watch, with a very believable quality to it. All in all, we've tried to make this film of an international quality. The best available camera systems, lights and so on.

Who is the cameraman?

The cameraman is Danish; he won the Best cameraman award at Eurimages last year, Dolbin Fosberg. Sound recording is by Nakul Kamte who did the sound for Lagaan. Lagaan was a live sound, with no dubbing. So we have outstanding technicians and actors on board for the film. And it has come out very very well. It is an exciting film for me also.

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