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17. Watch Out Bokshu Is Here
     by Allen J Mendonca, Times News Network

Guess which other star is flying from London to Bangalore this week? It's that superlative Shakespearean actor Steven Berkoff, who has also excelled in such movies as Octopussy, Beverly Hills Cop and Rambo. Berkoff, Bangaloreans will remember, was in the city a couple of years ago perform ……… Bangalore.

At the Royal Orchid Park Plaza, Dr Prasad was in a jolly good mood. "Sixty days in the heat and dust, rocks and ruins everywhere… and now this vast green expanse. I'm very happy with the way the movie is shaping up."

Bokshu tells the story of John Metcalf, an Indologist who has gone missing in the jungle. Rumor has it that he has been killed by a great big tiger. His daughter Chris knows deep in her heart that he isn't dead. Her search and the sting-in-the-tail discovery, constitutes the plot.

Starring David Millbern, Heather Prete, Vineet, Ashok Mandanna, Nandana Sen, Harish Patel, Irfan Khan, Surekha Sikhri, Mita Vasisth, Khalid tyabji and others, The movie is based on a story by novelist Ganga Prasad Vimal.

"My team is the best in the business," declares the Chicago based Prasad who produced the national award winning Agnisakshi.


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