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1. Agnisakshi, a dream come true for Shyamaprasad (The Peninsula, Saturday May 8th, 1999)
2. Good cinema around the corner, says Gulzar (Express News Service )
3. Southern Success (The Indian Express)
4. Agony and ecstasy (The Week)
5. Document of a disturbing era  (The Hindu, 6th August 1999 )
6. A Litarary Masterpiece On Celluloid (The Hindu, Nov 20th, 1998 )
7. Agnisakshi a Spiritual Film   (Indian Express, Jan 15th 1999)
8. No Hinduvta in my Film - Shyamaprasad  (The Hindu, 21st March 1999)
9. I dont want instant success  (The Hindu, 28th June 2002)
10. Agnishakshi Film is loyal to novel  The Indian Express, September 14th, 1998 )
11. Award Presented  (The Hindu, August 20th 1999)
12. From the Small screen to big one  (News Today, 19th August 1999)
13. A Trail by fire  (The Week, 18th October 1998)
14. Film under Fire  (India Today, April 12th 1999)
15. A Success Stright Away  (The Hindu, Friday, 26th March 1999 )
16. Regional Richness  (The Pioneer, 11th November 1995)
17. Watch Out Bokshu Is Here  (Times News Network)
18. The Interviewer  (An Interview)
19. Deep Focus  (Kairali TV, February 2003)
20. Suprabhatam  (Asianet TV,12/04/2003)