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A Brief Synopsis

The movie is based on 4 different Malayali expatriate stories set in London. These different characters, who walk the same streets of the city have contrasting perspective about the city including the one of love, alienation, excitement, fear, opportunity and freedom. As in a complex tapestry, these 4 stories interlace each other and thus also explore how minor individual decisions affects the decisions and lives of total strangers.

In the first story Shankaran (played by Jayasurya) is a Kathakali dancer who is living in London illegally working. With his village and art taken away he feels like a lost- soul trying to make sense of this big city, Shankaran lives a life of alienation and fear but he is willing to take it all for the girl he loves immensely back home.

In another parallel story line the eldest son (played by Mukesh) is left alone to make the final decision about taking his mother off the ventilator or keeping her alive despite the pressures from the hospital and close relatives. This story explores how an individual is left alone to make critical decisions about life and death of his dear one.

Sibin (played by Nivin Pauly), the protagonist of another story is a second generation Malayali who feels at home living in London. He lives like a playboy, dating women at will and showing no signs of settling down. The moral dilemma of the story intensifies as Sibin slowly falls for his best-friend’s newly wedded wife (played by Remya Nambeeshan).

The next story is told through the eyes of the Saraswati (played by Nadia Moidu), the stay-at-home wife who spends her day worrying about the teenage girls growing up in America . Her plans of relocating to India falls into deaf ears as her doctor husband (played by Murali Menon) and kids likes living in America. Things take a drastic turn when she fears her doctor husband having an affair at work.

Peppered with several other funny and interesting characters and incidents, ‘ENGLISH’ is a breezy, stylish and irreverent movie which offers a warm and touching slice of the life of the Malayali Londeners. Narrated in a universal & youthful style the film also addresses the critical issues of nationhood, displacement and of the essential human need to reach out to the other.

Produced Binu Dev for Navarang Screens
Directed Shyamaprasad
Screenplay Ajayan Venugopalan
Cinematography Udayan Ambady
Gaffer Sasha Bajac
Editing Vinod Sukumaran
Location Sound Vivek Satchidanandan
Make-up Joe Koratty
Music Rex Vijayan
Lyrics Shibu Chakravarthy
Chief Directorial Associate Remya Aravind
Designs Collins Leophil
Equipments Shoot Blue, CMM Media links London
Still photography Rana Prathap, Mithun Patel
Associates in Camera Thomson Thankachan, Tasneem
Line Producers Jayit Bruce, Vishnu M. Panicker, Harinarayanan Mohanan.
Co ordination Prasad Kochuvila, Mobin Mathew, Sesh
Executive Producer Mohanlal Kumaran
Production Controller Rajeev Kudappanakkunnu
Assistant directors Rincy Binu Dev, Meera Manoj Siva, Salim Ahammed, Tarun Joji, Nathalia Shyam, Aswathy Bruce, Thushar Kumar
Asst in Sound Nikhil, Zulfi, Andrew
Asst Make-up Ardra Mohan, Sonia Stephen
Transport Mohana Prakash, Harris, Sushmith, Jibin, Joe Reji,
Catering Judi Thomas, Kalavara, East Ham
Accommodation Tom’s Inn, East Ham

Cast Mukesh, Jayasurya, Nivin Pauly, Remya Nambeeshan, Nadia Moidu,
Murali Menon, Sona Nair, Varada Venu, Lizanna Sekiraqa, Manoj Siva,
Viji Varghese, Subhashini Vasu, Sinu Pillai, Jayakrishnan Menon,
Josukutty, Baldwin Simon, Vijayalakshmi Dharmajan, Rincy Binudev,
Binudev, Harris, Ann Samuel, Grace Baby, Arshi Fahad, Polina, Vanessa, Michelle

Shot entirely in London, during the fall of 2012
Hospital - Mr. Francis and family
Dr. John