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A Brief Synopsis

The Artist tells the story of a young couple, Michael and Gayatri, both art school dropouts. Michael is the typical painter with artistic temperament; all that he wants to do is painting. Gayatri is someone he likes, probably loves but she comes only after his paintings. Gayatri on the other hand is someone who believes in Michael and is willing to be the bread earner for both of them, not realizing that it means paying for all the expenses including the art supplies and also dealing with the heady artist's moods and tantrums.

Just when she decides to walk away from the relationship, an accident turns around her decision and she becomes the caretaker of Michael, which includes helping him sell his first set of paintings. In the process, she looses everything she had financially, emotionally, physically and also becomes a liar and cheats, not out of choice but out of circumstantial events.

But when Michael fails to forgive her for not being fair to his paintings, the story takes a natural turn. Based on a novel by Paritosh Uttam, ARTIST boasts powerhouse performances of Kerala’s ace actors- Fahadh Faazil and Anne Augustine, supported ably by Sreeram Ramachandran, Srinda Ahshab, krishnachandran, Vanitha, Siddharth Siva etc.

Fahadh Fazil, Anne Augustine, Sreeram Ramachandran, Srinda Ashab
Siddartha Siva, Krishnachandran, Vanitha Krishnachandran

Screenplay Shyamaprasad
Cinematography Shamdat
Lyrics Rafeek Ahamed
Music Bijibal
Location Sound Sohel Sanwari
Sound Design Ajith M George
DTS Mixing Ajith George
Art Biju Chinnathil
Make up Koratty
Costumes Elsa Sakhi
Executive producer Aroma Babu
Production Controller Rajeev Kudappanakkunnu
Produced by M. Mani under the banner of Sunitha Productions