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Agnisakshi   |   Kallu Kondoru Pennu
  AGNISAKSHI  With Fire as Witness

" Agnisakshi is more than a portrayal of the period and the life of the Namboothiris of Kerala. It is more than the story of the transformation of a society caught between two worlds - one dead and the other yet to be born. It is more than the struggle between established values and change. It is more than the conflict between desire and duty. It is the story of every man who searches for meaning in relationships within the framework that society dictates in every age."


With the God of Fire as principal witness, Unni accepts Devaki as his wife and brings her into the fold of his Namboothiri illam.

Bound by the plethora of traditional beliefs, customs and rituals that constitute life within four walls of the joint family, Unni is unable to be the husband that he would have liked to be. Yet, they understand and love each other immensely.

Guarded by the fortress of tradition, the family remains oblivious to the winds of change sweeping through society. Though Unni is aware, he shuts the door to everything that his family will never be able to comprehend or accept.

But Devaki, who is essentially of a different mould, longs to step out into the world - and is finally forced to do so.
Set in early 1930"s , the story develops within four walls of a Namboothiri Illam, in the South Indian State of Kerala, against the backdrop of the struggle for freedom from the British rule.

The film opens in Haridwar, a holy city, where Thankam, Unni's cousin , has come to immerse Unni's ashes in the Ganga and trace Devaki, who now is an ascetic. The story is revealed through the reminiscences of Thankam, a mute spectator who is caught between these characters and the complexities of their relationship - complexities of their relationship- complexities that can never be relegated to the realms of right and wrong.

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Rajit Kapur, Sobhana, Srividya, Praveena, Madhupal, Madambu

Based on the novel by Lalithambika Antharjanam
Editing Bina
Sound Krishanunni, Hussain
Art Direction Premachandran
Executive Producers Dr.Gautham Babu, Dr. Soma Prasad
Chief Producer V V Babu
Screenplay & Direction Shyamaprasad

A Srishti Films Production

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National Award
1998 for best regional film

Kerala State Awards
Best Director - Shyamaprasad
Best Actor - Rajit Kapur
Best Supporting Actress - Praveena
Best Film - Agnisaakshi
Best Cameraman - Alagappan
Best Sound Engineer - Krishnanunni,Hussain
Best Makeupman - P.Mani, Vikram Gaekwad
Best Dubbing Artist - Murali Menon , Vennmani Vishnu
Best Processing Lab - Gemini Lab

Kerala State Critics Awards
Best Film - Agnisaakshi
Best Director - Shyama Prasad
Best Lyrics - Kaithaprom
Best Actress - Sobhana
Best Cameraman - Alagappan
Best Art Director - Premachandran

Aravindan Puraskar 1998 for best director

Asianet Special Jury Award 1998 for best film (pre-release)
Asianet Award 1999 for best film

Filmfare Award 1999 for best Malayalam Film

Gollapudi Srinivas Memorial Award 1998 for best director