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My Favs

Three Colours

Krzysztof Kieslowski is, to me, unquestionably, the master of the visual narrative.

All the three films are labelled as one film, since everything wraps neatly into place during the final episode, you simply can't watch one without the other. All three are deceptively simple with uplifting auras. Blue is a marvel of visual exposition. Exposition, not necessarily related to plot, but rather to the deep understanding of a human being.

Blue is a movie that engages the mind, challenges the senses, implores a resolution, and tells, with aesthetic grace and formal elegance, a good story and a political allegory. The minimalistic score by Zygbinew Preisner is a highlight of the Trilogy. I had been entranced by it's elemental beauty and the tracks have found a way into many of my features on Television