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My Favs

Last Tango in Paris

Though time has blunted it's controversy and the film is best known
for its sexual excess this remains a powerful viewing experience even now. Vittorio Storraro's photography is simply gorgeous , playing with the cold Paris light and warm interiors. It's a great film that I've noticed has been neglected by critics and pundits.

It remains to me one of the great films on the mysteries of love, how we love what we cannot understand , or have, and in a moment it is gone.

Last Tango in Paris' is one of the great explorations of cinema's visual possibilities: Bertolucci's mis-en-scene throughout the film, characterize the rights steps of the tango which the two main characters execute at the climax of the film I was swept away by the beauty of the tango despite the tragic quality of the acts & events it accompanies..

Characters and their lives are simple but very believable, and the performances from every one of the actors is spot on. The movie tells us to appreciate life and understand human beings more, and makes a good case for doing so.